Plate bending / Edge bending

Helge Bruhn A / S are specialists in sheet metal processing and sheet metal processing in stainless steel, aluminum and iron. The company is primarily engaged in sheet metal processing from 1 mm to 15 mm, but also works in plate thicknesses up to 25 mm.

Sheet metal processing, or thin sheet metal machining at Helge Bruhn, consists of laser cutting , plate deburring, edge bending and welding, but can also include many other different processes, such as threading, countersinks. and various types of surface treatment, such as glassblasting or pickling.

The machine park is among the finest in the industry and consists of, among other things, the TRUMPH laser cutting machine and 4 CNC edge benders, including a completely new TRUMPH TruBend 5085 with TechZoneBend 3D bending software which is used to optimize unfolding and bending process.

Helge Bruhn is specialized and optimized to handle special tasks with small series sizes and short delivery times, which are solved by experienced craftsmen, a top-tuned machine park and a high degree of digitalisation.

As specialists in sheet metal processing, Helge Bruhn can, in addition to single-piece production, also handle larger series in both 100, 1,000 and 10,000 pieces.

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Helge Bruhn A / S has both CNC-controlled edge benders or edge presses, as they are also called, and can solve the most complicated bending tasks.

Edge bending is one of the most widely used machining methods in the sheet metal industry. Edge bending is characterized by having an upper part shaped like a "wedge" and a lower part shaped like a "V". The plate is placed on top of the lower part and the upper part moves down to a position determined by the CNC guide, whereby the correct angle is obtained.

At Helge Bruhn A / S, we can solve even the most complicated types of bending tasks in a quality that cannot be improved.
The company has several special bending tools as well as plastic rails to perform bending tasks without bending marks. Our skilled blacksmiths and machine workers manufacture special bending matrices themselves, so that the customer gets exactly the profile or design that is desired.

With our CAD / CAM system, we can read 2D and 3D files from our drawing programs via TechZoneBend directly into the controls for our edge bending machines. Often, the files have been used for the company's laser cutter to laser cut the items before bending.

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