Thread cutting is accurate and efficient with the right tool.

At Helge Bruhn A / S, we are extremely productive and achieve good results by choosing the right thread cutting tool. So whether it is internal thread (threaded pin / cut pin) or external thread (threaded tray / cutter tray), we choose tools carefully. Helge Bruhn A / S has a professionally trained staff with a workshop that produces every day. Therefore, we know what it takes for a tool to work as it should and deliver the expected quality.


Thread cutting deals with certain important parameters such as material, coating and geometry of the tool in question. A tool such as the cutting pin / threaded pin can work perfectly in some specific areas, while you may find that in other similar cases you may find that individual elements require a completely different type of pin for the perfect result. When cutting external threads, use a cutting tray / thread tray mounted in a tray holder (also known as cramps, clamps or forceps). When cutting internal threads, use a cut pin / threaded pin mounted in a pin holder with parallel guide, which ensures the perpendicularity to the surface where the thread is located. When this is known, the pitch of the thread and the diameter of the hole must be known for the given task.