In many ways, we consider ourselves a service company, more than a forge workshop. We want to pamper our customers with quality and service, and we are geared towards that. For example, we have a number of customers where we stock standard parts and simply have a commitment that they will purchase a given number over a period of time. Then we make a series and deliver from day to day, as they need them. We actually do this more and more, and it benefits both the customer and ourselves.
We constantly invest in the company so that we can provide the best possible service. That is why we have invested in a Trumpf Trubend 5085 edging bucket. The TecZone Bend software, which was purchased with the Trumpf bending machine, is an important part of the new investment. Owner Lars Bruhn says:
Once we have received the drawings from the customer in the right format, which can consist of up to 15 plate parts, the software can make 15 cutting drawings and bending programs for the bending machine at the touch of a button. It even automatically adapts the customer's drawings to our equipment. It saves us a fantastic amount of time in order processing, and it gives us even greater confidence that what we deliver fits with the customer's drawings. Everyone who has seen the machine and software demonstrated is standing and staring.
It's really unique.


At Helge Bruhn, we know that the industry in Denmark rarely has the time and money to wait, and therefore optimisation of both quality and speed is a major priority according to Lars Bruhn: “Approx. 80% of all orders are delivered the next day. That is also why we have invested in the new equipment. The faster the customer's documentation is transferred, the faster it can be produced. This is an important thing, which at the same time also means that we can expand production capacity and service a larger part of Denmark. ”
In addition to cutting and bending, Helgebruhn AS has modern machines for mechanical deburring, thread cutting, installation of thread elements, welding, pickling and glass blowing.

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