Helge Bruhn A / S has experience with modeling, construction and development of solutions in 3D. We use SolidWorks and Inventor and also offer to perform tasks for our customers who may need extra capacity resources for this type of task.
Helge Bruhn A / S is to a large extent an expert in optimisation with regard to manufacturing and production, so that tasks / projects have short lead times, and are optimised for precise manufacturing in our production plant. This keeps costs down.

3D design makes drawings easy to understand, even for untrained blacksmiths etc.
Great emphasis is placed on making the drawings easy to understand at all levels.


If you have a construction with many complex parts, such as plate contours and unfoldings etc., let us make the CAM part (files for CNC cutting, bending, etc.). It saves time in the workshop and optimises the precision by optimising your unfoldings for cutting files in our TRUMPH TechZoneBend software that optimises laser cutting and edge bending.
We solve many industrial tasks, which are designed and developed in collaboration with our customers.

The advantage of construction in 3D is, among other things, that you always "have a vision for the project" It is not only a version that the individual developer has in his "head", but something everyone involved can see and develop further. At the same time, various tests can be performed on e.g. machines in the form of animation, and collision testing.

3D printing of models
In some cases, 3D printed models can be a great help and provide important information about a subject's design and properties. We also have the opportunity to do this, in cases where it makes sense to arrive at clarification of a topic's design and function.

At Helge Bruhn A / S, we have experience with work in various materials and technical challenges. Let us know, we probably have a solution for your case as well.