Helge Bruhn A / S was started in 1967, when Helge Bruhn bought Schmidt's Maskinfabrik on Dybbølgade in Sønderborg. When the premises became too cramped, new premises were built on Ellegårdvej in a newly constructed industrial area in northern Sønderborg. The move into the new premises took place in 1974.
Helge Bruhn A / S has since the beginning been a subcontractor to a wide range of industries. Our target group is the industry, and our customer portfolio includes machine manufacturers within the food industry, the automotive industry, the refrigeration industry, wastewater management, transport security, packaging machines, flight service, etiquette and many others. The management of the company has since passed from Helge to Lars Bruhn and today employs 30 people at the factory in Sønderborg.


  • State-of-the-art Machine Park
  • Skilled flexible employees
  • Day to day delivery
  • Large plate storage
  • Full Traceability
  • Digital documentation (Solid Works, Inventor, TecZone Bend Pro and the like)
Vi lagerfører mere end 200 forskellige materialetyper og pladetykkelser. Materiale er typisk stål, rustfrit stål og aluminium – see our stock list here.
We have the latest generation of TRUMPF laser cutters and edge benders such as TruBend 5085 with associated TecZone Bend Pro software.


We know that the industry in Denmark rarely has the time and money to wait, and therefore optimisation of both quality and speed is a major priority for us. Below you can see a selection of our work areas.


I vores store svejseværksted arbejder vi med fokus på kvalitet og det gode slutresultat, vi svejser derfor næsten alle elementer manuelt, så vi kan garantere for den høje kvalitet.


A TRUMPF TruLaser 3030, 5.0 KW laser cutter delivers plate parts for further processing on CNC-controlled bending machines. The laser cutter has a cutting capacity of 25mm steel, 20mm stainless steel and 12mm aluminum.

Pickling and Glass Blasting

We are the specialist when it comes to pickling and protection against corrosion and when the surface must be uniform and beautiful. We also carry out glass blasting, in connection with the stainless steel workshop a glass blowing system has been established.

Plate bending

We bend the plates so that they fit exactly into the measurements. Every time. We never compromise on the quality of our flashbacks. And you can count on us delivering on time.

Threat Cutting

We can offer all kinds of solutions for cutting threads.

3D Construction

Our employees have Auto-cad, Solid works and Inventor available in the design studio. We offer to solve design tasks according to the customer's proposal. Production of prototypes and calculation of series or single piece production is a natural extension of the design process.

Machine deburring

Metal is often machined with many processes to create items of a certain shape and size. These procedures often create uneven edges or protrusions. The swollen particles and shavings that appear when metal items are machined are called burrs, and the process by which they are removed is known as deburring.

Automatic Sawing

Ours has various automatic saws, this applies to both pipes and heavy goods. We also offer shortening of items in most materials.

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